21 November 2018

Note of Appreciation - Cmre MWO Kevin Okrainec and Cmre Sht. Susan Longbottom

Congratulations to commissionaires MWO Kevin Okrainec and Sgt. Susan Longbottom for their outstanding work at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Suffield! CFB Suffield has been the site of military training in the region since 1972 and we are proud of the outstanding work conducted by our commissionaires.


We'd also like to extend a special thank you to both Mr. EP Devine (far left), our operations manager at CFB Suffield and Lt. GR Nehme (far right), Platoon Commander, CFB Suffield.


Well done! 🎉



05 November 2018

Note of Appreciation - Cmre Karl Kalincak

Commissionaire / Peace Officer Karl Kalincak received an outstanding service compliment from Calgary Police Service (CPS) Staff Sergeant, Steve Ellefson.  Karl works at the front counter at the Specialized Traffic Enforcement Unit for CPS.  S/Sgt. Ellefson described Karl as “…a tireless worker who consistently goes above and beyond what is required of him.  I count on and trust his opinion and judgement as he always conducts himself with the highest ethical and professional standards.  He works well with other members of the staff and goes out of his way to help in any way he can.  What a pleasure it is to have someone who does all of these things without being asked to. He is a quiet leader who goes about his day with purpose in mind, never passing by something that needs to be done.  I am truly appreciative of Karl and his efforts.”  


Congratulations Karl on receiving this great praise!  You are clearly valued by your team at CPS and are a true role model for all Commissionaires.  Thank you for your dedication and for the example you set every day.  



29 October 2018

New Fingerprint Technician

We are pleased to welcome Matthew Blasius as the new fingerprint technician at Commissionaires Southern Alberta. Please take a moment to congratulate him on his new role next time you see him!



10 Oct 2018

Praise from ENMAX

“You guys keep us looking good!” - a quote from Colin Saunders, Manager of Facilities and Security Services at ENMAX Corporation. Our Commissionaires responded quickly and professionally when they thought there had been an incident requiring Police intervention at the on-site daycare.  Monitoring Officer, Avneet Chahal noticed a Calgary Police vehicle in the day care parking lot and she immediately dispatched Supervisor Richard Panas to investigate.  As it turns out, there was no incident, it was a Police Officer who felt the need to see his own child after dealing with a traumatic incident at work that day involving a child.  The Police Officer also commented that he was very impressed at the professionalism and thoroughness of our Commissionaires. “Thank you to the Security team for being so ‘on it’ and watching out for our safety every day” says Julia Perkins Senior Communications Specialist at ENMAX Corporation.

Excellent work Commissionaires Chahal and Panas! 



20 Sep 2018

Thank you Ian!

Thank you to our staff Taylor Robinson and Muhammad Siddiqui for their fantastic work assisting one of our clients.

Please see below for an article prepared by the client.




Article written by a Commissionaires Southern Alberta client congratulating two of its guards



31 August 2018

Commissionaires Southern Alberta Appoints New CEO and COO

The Board of Governors of Commissionaires Southern Alberta announced the appointment of Charles Caldwell as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Charles previously served as the Chief Operating Officer. Charles is a seasoned senior executive known for translating strategy into operational plans and delivering complex solutions to international clients. An engaging and collaborative leader, he achieves program and organizational goals by applying his experience in program management, business strategy, lean-agile methodologies and organizational excellence.


Commissionaires Southern Alberta is also pleased to announce the appointment of Dennis Ellahi as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer. With over 20 years of security industry and senior management experience, Dennis brings to Commissionaires Southern Alberta unique abilities to simplify the complex, create and implement customer centric service delivery programs, and maximize operational effectiveness.  Dennis is a result-focused executive with specialties in strategic planning, turn-around plans, engaging and developing people, and working collaboratively to deliver results. He previously worked for a Canadian owned national service provider in aviation security, as well as Vice President Operations, Western Canada for a multi-national security services provider. Most recently, Dennis was the Chief Operating Officer for a remote industrial security company focusing on the mining and resource sectors.



14 Aug 2018

Quick thinking Photo Radar Operator assists an injured man

While on duty as a Photo Radar Operator, Commissionaire / Peace Officer (P.O.) Donna Hurtubise noticed an elderly gentleman lying motionless on the ground at a service station.  P.O. Hurtubise was able to confirm the man was breathing but saw blood on the ground and on his head.  She immediately used her radio to call into Calgary Police Service (CPS) for an ambulance, giving all pertinent details.  P.O. Hurtubise took control of the situation, ensuring that the gentleman remained calm and did not try to stand up while they waited for an ambulance.  She even took money from her own pocket and asked a by-stander to go into the store to purchase a bottle of water for the man.


P.O. Hurtubise says that she helped the gentleman “because of the CPS patch that she proudly wears and because it was in her heart to do”.


"Thanks Donna for doing the right thing.  Your caring and responsibility for this person is what the CPS and our partners are about - public safety and the welfare of the citizens we serve." Inspector Terry Larson, CPS


Thank you for getting involved P.O. Hurtubise.  Your quick thinking, and the compassion that you displayed is an example for all.   



1 August 2018

Noteworthy Recognition - Dana Kerr

Arrest Processing Officer, Dana Kerr received high praise from an on duty Paramedic in the Arrest Processing. She stated: I am more than impressed with Dana’s communication and judgement when it comes to the arrestee’s medical concerns.  He never hesitates to let us know exactly what he detects during his initial search or during his walk- abouts and does so in a concerned and non-aggressive manner. It takes the whole team to keep an arrestee’s safe and sound while in our care at the APS and I am very appreciative of Dana to never hesitate bringing his concerns forward to the paramedics.” 


These kinds words made it upwards to the Inspector who added: “This is a true testament to the essential role that every individual plays within APS. More so, it’s encouraging to see how seriously our teams take duty of care issues – demonstrating compassion and clear communication for the safety and security of all individuals in APS!!”


Dana, your extraordinary work is being noticed and appreciated.  Congratulations on a job well done!



18 July 2018

A Note of Thanks from a Departing Enmax Staff Member

“…….I want to thank the security guards that look after us at ENMAX.  The diligence they display and their efforts to follow the many requirements we have here in control centre has been excellent. I appreciate the small things they do and the professionalism and respect they have shown me and this team. I wish I had sent praise more often as I am sure they are not always noticed for the work they do.  Thank you all and keep up your good work.”


Our Security Team at ENMAX continue to make an impression on the client!  Congratulations to the team….you are doing great work!"


Well Done Team!



25 June 2018

A Big Thanks to the Commissionaires at the Enmax Day Care Centre

The staff at the Enmax Day Care Cetnre publicly thanked their Commissionaire Security Team for their quick response to a potential threat to the children.  A man was noted acting suspiciously by intently watching the children around the centre.  When called, Commissionaire Supervisor Ted Betts and his security team responded, located the man and arranged for the police to take over.  Well Done Ted and Team.



7 June 2018

Commissionaire Jim Dickson's quick actions saves a life

While on duty, at the Kahanoff Centre Commissionaire Jim Dickson was advised by a passer by that there was an unconscious man lying on the sidewalk outside, and people were just walking by ignoring him.  Cmre Dickson ran outside and located the man.  He then removed the man's toque to see if there were any apparent head injuries from a fall.  Cmre Dickson tried to arouse the man, however, when there was no response, Cmre Dickson then called 911.  While an ambulance was en-route, Cmre Dickson calmly followed 911’s instructions and administered first aid, including ensuring that the victim's airways were open and administering chest compressions.  After three or four chest compressions, the man began to move.  Just then, EMS arrived and took over for Cmre Dickson.  After EMS worked on the man for some time, he was conscious enough to sit up, and was then transported  away in the ambulance.  Thank you, Cmre Dickson, for getting involved and for responding to this medical emergency so promptly and efficiently.  The first aid you administered to this young man may well have saved his life. Well Done Jim! 



22 May 2018

Commissionaire Dudas saves a person from overdosing.

During the closing of the Public Library, Cmre Dudas found a woman hunched over in a chair.  On noting she did not display any obvious signs of life, he had a colleague call 911.  Following the directions of the attending EMS he performed mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions for 15 minutes until they were ready to take over.  EMS then administered Narcan and after a few minutes the woman started to come around.  She was then taken by ambulance for further medical care.   Well done Cmre Dudas!



22 May 2018

Commendation for Commissionaire Larry Carr

Mr Cory Stier, Deputy CEO, Red Deer Public Library, wrote the following commendation:

"I just wanted to let you know of an incident that happened outside the library on Saturday, that involved Larry Carr, who I would like to commend for a job well done. A customer came into the library to tell Larry about an individual in the park who he had observed was in distress. Larry went out to the park to find a male who had overdosed and a female who was trying to administer Narcan. Larry took control of the situation and performed CPR on the male and calmed the female down enough so that she could inject the Narcan. Eventually the male came around and Larry turned the scene over to the paramedics and RCMP at that point."


"Due to Larry's swift but calm actions, I believe that he prevented a potential tragedy from occurring on that day. He went above and beyond the call of duty in this situation. I would like to strongly commend him for his actions. We are indeed fortunate to have Larry working with the Commissionaires here at the library. Thank you."  Well done, Larry!



15 May 2018

High Praise Indeed

The Commissionaires team at ENMAX received some high praise from the client after assisting in the location and arrest of a thief.  Colin Saunders, (ENMAX’s Manager of Security Services and Emergency Response) describes the incident as “…another great security success”.  He adds: “The calm, coordinated and professional response of Ted Betts, Dewinder Singh and Victor Fadimu led directly to the arrest of the suspect.  This episode is further proof that the hard work that’s been put into creating what I’d argue is the best security team in town has been worth it.  Ted’s efforts are especially praiseworthy, noted and very much appreciated”.


Congratulations to Ted Betts and his team!  Your dedication and hard work is clearly making an impression on the client and is contributing to the professional reputation of the Commissionaires. Well done! 



2 Mar 2018

Note of Appreciation - Cmre Pat Wilkes

Commissionaire Pat Wilkes is making a difference in peoples’ day with his positive attitude and professional service.  He works at the Provincial Court Building, together with the Sheriffs at the access control point.  A woman recently approached the Sheriff with a thank you card to give to Pat.  It said: “Thank you for putting a smile my face every time that I had to enter the building over the past little while. Thank you for making the days a little brighter for me”.    The Sheriff added that he personally “has the pleasure of working with Pat, and always find him to be an upbeat and happy Gentleman.”  Great work Pat, your personal contribution towards the Corps’ professional image is commendable!



16 Feb 2018

Quality of Servive Compliment from the Town of High River

 I want to pass on that I have been very happy with the service Commissionaire Dean Bearisto has been providing.


One particular incident speaks well to his character and commitment to provide great service. Recently, he was following up with a resident regarding snow removal on the side walk in which he had previously placed a notice at the residence. In speaking with the resident, he discovered that they had a leg cast due to injury and the resident has had no luck finding family or friend to clean the sidewalk. Rather than issuing a ticket, Dean took it upon himself to clean the sidewalk for the resident. He told me the story and even apologized if he over stepped his bounds.


The role of a bylaw officer can be a thankless job but it is these small gestures that reflect the community spirit. Very noble action!

Well done Dean!



2 Feb 2018

Going above and beyond

People often turn a blind eye to things going on around them because they “don’t want to get involved”.   Not Commissionaire Rose Tanchyk.  She recently did something very kind and selfless for a stranger.  While driving home from Cadets, she saw an elderly man laying in a snowbank beside a busy road. Rose helped him up and suggested calling an ambulance, but he just wanted to go home.  Rose went far out of her way to drive him home.  When they got there, the gentleman decided that he did need an ambulance, and Rose waited with him until Paramedics arrived.   During this time she kept him warm, chatted with him and reassured him that everything would be ok.  Rose even drove back to the Seniors’ home the next day to return a hat that he lost in the commotion of the night before.  Rose’s actions that night are commendable, and may have saved a man’s life.  Thank you for getting involved Rose!


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