20 Jul 2017

On July 8, 2017, while on duty at the Lethbridge Public Library, Commissionaire Thunderspeed was summoned to the washroom to handle a possible drug related incident.  Upon arrival he noted two women standing in the washroom.  One then became unconscious and stopped breathing.  Cmre Thunderspeed administered CPR while another staff member retrieved the AED.  Cmre Thunderspeed was assisted by an off duty nurse as he aplied the AED and performed artificial respiration on the victim.  When the paramedics arrived, they took control of situation.  Through the quick actions of Cmre Thunderspeed and his application of his first aid training, the woman's life was saved. 


4 April 2017

Commissionaire Lee Dudas received a commendation for his response to two incidents while working at the Lethbridge Public Library, Main Branch.


On Feb 27, 2017, Cmre Dudas recognized a young person reported missing by the Lethbridge Police Service.  After confirming the youth's identity, Cmre Dudas arranged to have him transported home by the LPS. 


In another incident that occurred on March 20, 2017, Cmre Dudas, while conducting a patrol came across a man affected by seizures and sliding into unconsciousness.  Cmre Dudas realized this was a potential drug overdose and summoned the EMS.  Cmre Dudas then stayed with with the unconscious man providing first aid until the arrival of the paramedics.  The man was then transported to the hospital for treatment. 


In both instances, Cmre Dudas contributed directly to the safety and wellbeing of two people whose fate may have been much different without his intervention. Cmre Dudas actions exemplify the Commissionaire's mandate.  Well done, Lee. 


6 Dec 2016

Support to Calgary Police Services

On 3 Nov 2016, Commissionaire Peter Boynton, employed at District 7, Calgary Police Services, received a commendation from Mr Barry Shaw, Senior Manager, Calgary Region. Cmre Boynton was instrumental in assisting the Calgary Police Service with a project where USB memory sticks are to be utilizied by police officers to gather digital evidence.  Peter not only came up with ideas on how to secure the USBs to perserve the integrity of the evidence, but also used his personal time and funds to purchase tags, key rings, and other items to ensure proper identification and loss prevention. Peter then familiarzied himself with the operating procedures and educated other commissionaires with the process.  He continued to recommmend improvements to the project.  As a result of Peter's dedication and teamwork, this pilot project has now been approved for use at all Calgary Police Districts.   


17 Nov 2016

Commissionaires Support to the Red Deer Agri Eqipment Expo

The Red Deer Agri Trade equipment was held between 9-12 Nov this year at the Westerner Park.  Although the number of attendees were down due to the late harvest season, the number of exhibitors were up, from 425 to 470. In spite of this, the Expo is expected to generate approximately $150 million. Once again the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires - Southern Alberta would like to thank the Expo organizers for the opportunity to provide 28 guards to support this event.   


9 Nov 2016

Commissionaires Support to the Grand Opening of the International Terminal at the Calgary Airport.

On 31 Oct 2016, the new International Terminal Building at YYC opened without a hitch.  This was the result of numerous people from multi-disciplines putting in countless hours.  Well done to all!


The Corps is proud to be part of this accomplishment with its contributions to the security of the new Terminal and on a larger scale, to YYC operations.  With more than 400 commissionaires employed at YYC, the Corps plays a criticial role in ensuring the security at YYC, as well as other associated functions, such as parking operations, passenger bussing operations, and the reception and distribution on non-transit freight.  In direct support to the opening of the new terminal, the Corps' aviation security specialists were involved in the development of technical security solutions and training support.  The Corps also provided escorts for many of the 700+ construction workers involved in the project along with providing access control and building security in the run up to the opening.


Given the scale of the challenge, the Corps took the initiative of completely updating and restructuring its organization to meet the new demands.  This included appointing Graeme Cooper as the Project Manager to oversee the successful transition.


Despite the growth at YYC, the number of commissionaires required to ensure the security of the airport has hardly changed, thanks to the innovated integrations of state-of-the-art technical capabilities and guard deployment.  All of which are controlled from the Corps' YYC Security Operations Centre. "The SOC is the nerve centre for airport security" explains Nick Sealy-Thompson, the recently appointed Senior Manager for the Corps operations at YYC.  "It is probably one of the more high pressure and demanding roles that you can do as a commissionaire as it can get pretty busy in there.  Our people have to make split second decisions that can have major implications for aviation security and can ultimately lead to the shutdown of airport operations."  Nick emphasised how impressed and proud he was of his team at YYC.  "It has been a long and hard six months but they have risen to every challenge with a smile on their faces.  Their can-do attitude is a credit to the Corps and I wish them all the very merriest of Christmases - they've earned it." 


The Corps would like to express it appreciation to the Calgary Airport Authority for allowing it to be part of this significant achievement.


15 Oct 2016

Lethbridge Waste and Recycling Centre Open House

The Lethbridge Waste and Recycling Centre recently held an open house for citizens to tour the facility and learn how recyclable material from the community is managed in an environmentally responsible way.  The success of the Open House was attributed in part to the participation of the Lethbridge Commissionaires and the other contracted partners who work at the Lethbridge Waste and Recycling Centre.  Correspondence from the programming assistant at the Waste and Recycling Centre stated, “Your (the Commissionaires) attendance increased the importance of the event significantly. I received lots of positive feedback on having your presence there, to help further inform our residents about the processes we have to help reduce and manage waste here in Lethbridge.”


25 Sept 2016

Affiliation Agreement – Lethbridge College

 Commissionaires - Southern Alberta, Lethbridge Region has entered into an affiliation agreement with the Lethbridge College which will see students from the Justice Studies Program assigned to work with the Lethbridge Commissionaires Office to gain practical experience and knowledge in working in the security and safety industry.  The Lethbridge College has a well respected program that will provide opportunities for students to see and experience what the Commissionaires do, and provide an opportunity for the Commissionaires to recruit and hire some of the best candidates available.


17 Aug 2016

The Medicine Hat College has been using the Commissionaires for the past 5 years.  We have had very little turn over with the members of our team, they are knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and always willing to go that extra mile to ensure our College community is protected at all times. The Commissionaires managment team has also been very helpful and accommodating.  They are reasonably priced and conduct business in a professional manner.  I would definitly recommend their sservices.  (signed) Lesley Tuchscherer - Manager Occupational Health and Safety, Medicine Hat College.


2 Aug 2016

Commissionaires - Southern Alberta is pleased to annouce the recruitment of Jeff Cove as the new Lethbridge Regional Manager.  Jeff comes to us after serving with the City of Lethbridge Police for 28 years and retiring as an Inspector.  Welcome aboard Jeff! 






25 Jul 2016

Commissionaires-Southern Alberta is please to announce the recruitment of Lt Colonel (ret'd) Nick Sealy-Thompson MBA as the new Senior Manager for the Corps security unit at the Calgary International Airport.  Nick comes to the Corps following a 33 year career in the British Army.  Nick served in the Royal Engineers as a commissioned officer, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His formative career was spent as a combat engineer in armoured formations, as a military diving supervisor and as a counter-terrorism speicalist, including special operations.  Nick commanded the Royal Engineers Combat Engineer School, the British Army's Adventurous Training Organization and the British Military Garrison in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Nick was also formally recognized by HM the Queen for his services to counter-terrorist operations and by the head of the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.  Welcome aboard, Nick!


15 Jul 2016

It is with considerable sadness that we say farewell to Cate Rigaux.  Cate is leaving us to take up a teaching position at the Lethbridge College.  Best of luck for the future and thank you for all that you gave to the Commissionaires - South Alberta


7 Dec 2015

Commissionaires - South Alberta is please to announce the recruitment of Knut Rockne as the Senior Manager of the Contracts Department.  Before joining the Commissonaires, Knut spent 22 years successful years with General Dynamics and retired as the Contracts Manager. 


 28 Oct 2015

Commissionaires - Southern Alberta is pleased to announce the appointment of Hiba Badran as Director Solutions Integration starting October 28th 2015.  Hiba comes to us from a very successful career in sales and business development, most recently in vehicles and fleet management with Element.  Welcome aboard, Hiba!


19 Oct 2015

Commissionaires - Southern Alberta is pleased to announce the recruitment of Valerie Fraser as the new Medicine Hat Regional Manager.  Valerie has lived in Medicine Hat for 10 years and through her personal and business interests has developed strong relationships with the community.  Valerie has 15 years of experience in marketing and business management gained while employed as the area manager for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and as the Executive Director for the City Centre Development Agency.  Before joining the Commissionaires - Southern Alberta, Valerie was the Southern Alberta Regional Community Developer for the Canadian Cancer Society where she worked closely with legislators and community groups on cancer related advocacy issues.  Welcome aboard, Valerie!


29 June 2015

Commissionaires - Southern Alberta welcomes Cate Rigaux as the new Regional Manager for Lethbridge.  Cate is a former RCMP Sergeant with 20 years service that included assignments with specialized units and two tours as Detachment Commander. Cate brings to the Commissionaires a wealth of experience that is rarely seen in one person.  Thank you for joining us, Cate.  It's great to have you aboard!


The CEO of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires – Southern Alberta formally extends his appreciation to two Commissionaires for their diligence while on duty.


Shortly after booking a prisoner into the Medicine Hat Police cells earlier in the spring, Commissionaire Art Hagemann noted on the CCTV that the prisoner was laying on the cell floor with a piece of clothing wrapped around her neck. Cmre Hagemann immediately notified the Duty Sergeant, who, along with other responding police officers succeeded in freeing the cloth from her neck and arranged emergency medical attention. The subsequent investigation determined that the prisoner had attempted suicide several times in the past. In this instance, she believed that being alone in the cells would give her the opportunity to succeed. However, due to Cmre Hagemann’s diligence her demise was averted.


In June 2015, while on duty at the RCMP Offices on 8 St NE Calgary, Commissionaire (Cmre) Archie Clark observed an individual acting suspiciously in the adjacent parking lot. He further noted that a tire had been removed from a RCMP vehicle. Cmre Clark contacted the Calgary City Police and on their arrival he assisted them in locating the thief who was hiding amongst a clump of nearby trees. Because of Cmre Clark’s diligence the thief was arrested and the stolen tire was recovered along with a vehicle the thief had stolen earlier.


Well done to Cmre Brett Stevens, who, while on duty at the Lethbridge Public Library recently noted that a deeply emotionally troubled woman needed assistance and called for an ambulance.  His actions were reported on in a local newspaper article with the concluding remark, "It is your compassionate response that is one of the reasons that I am proud to call Lethbridge my home."








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